10 Original Travel Destinations for your To Do List

Have you ever thought about compiling a Travel To-Do list? Maybe it’s time to do it and if you don’t think of any reckless ideas to put on this list of travel experiences to do at least once in your life, here you have some ideas! 10 original ideas that are more than just ideas on the travel destinations to choose, but they are real experiences to do in order to know the country you chose more deeply and to do something truly unforgettable. You will probably find some of the experiences we are about to suggest documented on Instagram of the most famous travel bloggers because they are absolute must-do.

1 Swimming in a cenote in Mexico


Source: Pexels

Do you know what a cenote is? If you have ever considered to travel to Mexico and in particular the Yucatan peninsula, you will have discovered that the cenotes are underground caves, dug by the rivers that went to hide underground and that created wonderful natural pools. The water is crystal clear, the environment could not be more pristine. The wildest of the most recommended accessible cenote destinations are Dzinup, Samula, Kikil, and Ik Kill.

2 Flying a hot air balloon over Cappadocia

white hot air balloon

Source: Unsplash

You have certainly heard of fairy chimneys, a particular geological formation found in Turkey and particularly in the Cappadocia region. It is impossible not to see them if you plan to travel and visit the Göreme National Park, which is famous precisely for these rocks that seem to wear a white hood and that have been worked by the winds over the centuries. One of the ways to see these rocky wonders is to board a hot air balloon and look at them from above. A wonderful experience as long as you don’t suffer from vertigo.

3 The Japanese Capsule Hotel

Have you already traveled to Japan? This experience we would like to propose is not recommended for anyone suffering from claustrophobia! The Japanese, however, are masters in proposing always different and often very minimalist experiences, such as capsule hotels. What is it about? Although it is a relatively new concept, the capsule hotels were born in 1979 in the city of Osaka in Japan. Basically instead of the classic hotel room, there is a capsule with a bed in which there is just enough space to lie down and sleep, as long as you don’t feel uncomfortable in such a small space!

4 Eat bugs in Thailand

blue auto rickshaw on road

Source: Unsplash

Generally, the idea of a trip to Thailand is always enchanting for everybody. But does this idea of eating bugs disgusts you? Maybe it’s better to start getting used to it, as insects could become our essential source of protein from here to not much. Thailand is the perfect place to “familiarize” with this idea, because in what was the ancient Siam eating insects is absolutely normal, indeed delicious, and it is a food that you can easily find in any food markets in Thailand. The advice we give you is to take them from a counter where they are already cooked, just like we indicate the fish to be prepared in the restaurant. In Thailand, the stalls can have a small nursery of chomping crickets ready to jump in cooking pan.

5 Get to know the Tibetan monks

When we travel it is not necessary to have a euphoric or permissive attitude, but it can also be a moment of reflection. There are, for example, the spiritual paths that are frequented every year by thousands of travelers who are not necessarily believers, and then there are still more particular experiences. If you are lucky enough to make a trip to Tibet, you can venture to the Drepung monastery and immerse yourself in this atmosphere of profound spirituality together with the monks.

6 Travel by train on the Trans-Siberian railway

The Trans-Siberian is a cult travel experience for travelers. The complete route goes from Moscow to Vladivostok, a city located in the Russian Far East, surrounded by a mythical aura. Do you want a tip? Plan your trip well before leaving, because there are really many cities and natural beauties along the way and it would be a shame to get lost. Take time to decide in which class you want to travel. The first is undoubtedly the most comfortable, but it is in the third class compartments that Russia is the most authentic. Consider also the idea of breaking the travel into stages: more than three days by train are likely to be heavy.

7  Getting married abroad

You have been wanting to get married for some time but you do not decide to do it because of relatives, or perhaps because no location really convinces you. Maybe you have a place of your heart, where you would like to travel and also to crown your romantic dream. And why not do it? After all, marriage is a journey that takes two and lasts a lifetime. Getting married abroad can be an excellent solution. The most famous destination is certainly Las Vegas or Hawai but nobody forces you to get married there if you don’t prefer. We advise you to read carefully not only the list of necessary documents for the marriage in the country you have chosen but also to make sure that the marriage is legal and recognized in your country.

8 Sleep in one of the Loire Castles

If even once in your life you’ve dreamed of being a princess or a prince, you can travel to France and turn this dream into reality by sleeping in one of the wonderful chateaux of the Loire in France. Apart from sleeping in the tower, you could play golf on the green French meadows. On the official site of the Chateau de la Loire, you will find all the information you need to make the most of the chateau experience.

9 Learn to dance the Tango in Buenos Aires

It is right there that you should travel to learn the basics of tango. When you say tango you immediately think of Argentina and the folding fan. But this sensual, dramatic, romantic dance is at home especially in the capital Buenos Aires. The city has many milongas, the ballrooms dedicated to teaching and practicing dance, especially tango. One of the most famous milongas is undoubtedly La Virata, but there are also others. Be prepared though, because if New York is the city that never sleeps, Buenos Aires doesn’t joke: the dances don’t open before midnight!

10 Watching whale in Iceland

Photography of Whale Tail On Water Surface

Source: Pexels

You should travel to Iceland! Whether you have a passion for whales or you are a total neophyte with regards to the underwater world, you will not be able to remain indifferent to the spectacle of these huge cetaceans swimming next to you. Their tails can be seen coming out of the waves, you can witness the splashes and hear their voices. The most suitable place to see whales is undoubtedly Iceland, where, however, there are several things to see.

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