30 Unexpected Ancient Discoveries Found By Ordinary People

30 Unexpected Ancient Discoveries

Time flies quickly and imperceptibly. Especially when you suddenly find something from the past, but that doesn’ t belong to you. Then it’s not always clear what this thing was and for what! Here is a selection of interesting discoveries brought to us straight from the past by people who, unexpectedly, became time travelers.


This guy found a silver bar while cleaning his grandmother’s house : 

silver bar - 30 unexpected ancient discoveries


Grandfather left a 111 years old set of miniature books with all of Shakespeare’s plays for his grandson :

111 years old Shakespeare's play


The buyers of an old house found a “Purple Heart ”of a great-grandfather in a box with the inscription“ Garbage ”and they returned it to his family” :

Purple Heart


“A deceased grandmother kept the operating instructions for a television set released in 1962.” 

Old tv set



The incandescent filament of this antique light bulb has the shape of a flower”

light bulb with a shape of a flower



“After the construction company drained the pond by 3 meters, a 600-year-old Buddha statue carved in the rock was found.”

The statue is located in the Chinese province of Jiangxi. Most likely, belongs to the era of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

Chinese Statue discovered in the province of jiangxi


My friend chopped wood and found the tip of a spear” :

ancient tip of a spear


old “ Monopoly “ kit found in the wall of a house, built in 1925”

1925 Monopoly


“This is a page from the 1777 ship’s magazine.”

1777 Ship's magazine


“This is a Roman coin that was found in France with a metal detector. Emperor Constantine I. Chasing in Trier (Treveri), Germany. Bronze. 306-337 years. AD “

Roman Coin


“This is the oath of allegiance to the US flag in the original edition, without mentioning God”

Oath of allegence


This 1380 antique door in Regensburg, Germany, helps you find the keyhole after drinking too much wine.

antique door

Nice vintage aquarium

vintage aquarium


36 advertising cars, one for each year of production from 1953 to 1989. Found at an almost abandoned warehouse in New York

advertising cars - vintage cars


“A Grandpa is still using an old DOS-based computer. Enters data, prints on a printer, saves files on floppy disks »

DOS-based computer


This is an old sundial that shows the time of countries around the world.
old sundial
This is a rare 1950s vintage typewriter that allows you to print sheet music
vintage 1950s typewriter

An old cup that allows you not to wet your moustache

old coffee cup


“Train ticket found in a barn. The seal on the back indicates August 18, 1890. “
1890 train ticket
“A Grandmother still has the original printed cover of Time Moon’s landing on the moon.”
time magazine cover
Some places in New Orleans still have special places for tying horses
place to tie horses
“An old lunar globe found where the reverse side of the moon has not yet been mapped”
lunar globe
“Old calculator found in someone’s  great grandmother’s attic”
vintage calculator
“A person found this old light bulb in the house of his grandparents, built in 1902, and it still working”
Old light bulb
Vintage plate with the image of Freddie Mercury, 1980s.
Freddie Mercury 1980s plate

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