3D model of a Patient’s Lungs To Show How Fast CoViD-19 Destroys Them

COVID-19 Virtual Reality Technology

The specialist hopes that her technology will be useful in the fight against the pandemic.

Dr Keith Mortman, head of the Department of Thoracic Surgery at the George Washington University Hospital, USA, used virtual reality technology on a real patient with coronavirus to create a 3D model of the affected lungs. What the Surgical Theater company helped him with, writes KOMO News.er

This patient is a 50-year-old man who first developed fever and a dry cough, like so many other people. Respiratory symptoms progressed quite quickly, to the point where the patient needed to be intubated and connected to the ventilator


The physician wanted to provide another look at the threat posed by the deadly virus. According to him, unlike ordinary pneumonia, which affects only one small part of the lung, extensive damage to both lungs can be seen here.

Honestly, this is a pretty disturbing sight. <…> The blue part of the lungs in the video is relatively healthy, and the yellow stained areas are destroyed by the virus

Dr Mortman hopes this technology will help healthcare providers at the forefront of the battle with CoViD-19. It will also convey to the seriousness of the threat spread around the world. ” I really want them to be able to see this and truly understand the damage done to the lungs, the severity of the disease that the virus causes. So maybe they will think twice before having a party at home or going out in a crowd,” she notes.

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