5 Reasons to Love Bicycle

1 Everyone says that pedaling is good for the body and the spirit

In addition to being the cheapest way to move around the city, the bicycle is also the healthiest! Especially convenient for small charges and short-distance trips, it’s also good for improving mood, fights aging and is one of the best and cheapest sports for burning calories. After about fifteen minutes of pedaling, the body stimulates the production of endorphins, which have an analgesic power in addition to being connected to our mood and improving it. Endorphins are considered endogenous opiates: a real medicine produced naturally by the body, able to improve our response to pain, the sense of relaxation, excitement, and pleasure.

Bikes Parked

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2 The bicycle is the preferred mean of transport for all ecologists

The use of bicycles means practically reappropriating the quality of life. This actually is being able to use ecological means of transport and being able to play sports safely. Raising awareness among cities of ecology. Creating new bike paths and roads where you can walk is also a goal for new generations. There are studies that ensure that those who pedal breathe less smog than those who are locked in the car waiting for the green light. Not to mention stress! Important research conducted in Sweden has found that all workers who use cars or public transport, suffer more often from stress, tiredness, and poor sleep quality. For this reason, chronic latecomers would solve many of their problems, showing all their agility by confronting the traffic on a bicycle. They won’t even have to waste time looking desperately for parking in the center of the cities! In fact, everyone should choose the bicycle as the ideal vehicle and enjoy all its benefits, thinking that it does not even produce polluting emissions and contributes to the reduction of the greenhouse effect. The bicycle is anti-stress, it can be recommended for rehabilitation and thanks to the open-air factor, it stimulates the production of vitamin D by fighting osteoporosis, for the benefit of bones and skin.

3 The bicycle is an excellent solution for doing sport, because pedaling tones the body and sculpts the legs. Getting used to the pleasure of movement from an early age represents an important goal in the fight against obesity, in the direction of a sport to be experienced in everyday life.  For those who love bicycles, pedaling is not just a matter of sport, but it is a real philosophy of life and studies confirm. Surveys show that cyclists tend to have higher resilience, even in their daily activities. Not all activities affect endorphins in the same way. Spending time in the open air, being on the move and doing sports in a group represent some of the contexts that more than others are capable of promoting the release of these substances in the brain. It is easy to understand why: the presence of nature, the simple fact of breathing deeply in a green space, being surrounded by trees makes us feel happy and free.

4 Nowadays, if you visit a city you should definitely rent a bicycle if you want to do as the locals do. This could be the easiest way to get around the city. Also the cheapest. Bike rentals are very at hand and it’s the strike you can do in terms of getting to really have the city’s pulse. Your bicycle will be happy to accompany you in the historic centers of old villages, on relaxing walks or on small Sunday trips, giving you the opportunity to discover hidden corners. Sometimes, who knows, hopefully, it could increase the possibility of meeting your soul mate!

5 A touch of class for your bicycle

blue and yellow road bike

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Spring is at the corner, with its swallows, warm sunny days, the colorful landscapes full of wonderful flowers and so much good humor that we want to escape, even with a nice bike ride while the sun caresses the skin! Well, what are you waiting for? Run to get your bicycle down to the cellar, even if it is a little old and discolored, and if after having inflated the wheels, checked the brakes, cleaned every corner and oiled where it is needed, you realize that there is still a little something missing, because, let’s say the truth, it’s not that new, don’t despair! There are many solutions to give a touch of class to your bicycle making it unique and fun! For example, for those who are skilled with brushes, they may decide to entirely change the color of the bicycle, choosing pastel shades, or perhaps opt for many strong colors creating a fun fantasy, or decorate only part of the bike by creating a fantasy design! Simple, fast and impressive solution!


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Bicycles with baskets seem perfect for holding flowers, right? Nowadays, a bicycle that refers to the styles of the past is more trendy than a luxury car, therefore, let’s take a stroll at the grandparents’ house, or maybe we should go to the nearest second-hand market, and get a bike a little retro because lately, they have become a must!

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