7 Good Reasons to Always Laugh


Laughter can be a sign of happiness and even an expression of uncontrolled fear. Laughter is the voicing of our feelings and it is created in our mind in a totally unpremeditated way. Ever since we are babies, about five months we start laughing. You cannot manage a laugh that unexpectedly breaks out. Also, an interesting thing to know is that laughter can be authentic or artificial.


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Have you noticed how many things a laugh hides? Among them, laughter also hides many benefits. Here are 7 good reasons to always laugh.

“Smile at life and life will smile at you,” says a well-known proverb and not by chance. Hopefully, laughter is existent in our lives every day and represents a huge help for our wellbeing.¬†Laugh as many times as you want and the best thing is that the smile is free! It’s time to get to know the benefits behind a laugh and convince yourself to make you smile even more!

1. Laughing puts you in a good mood


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Lara Lucaccioni, Laughter Yoga Master Trainer and Laughter Yoga Ambassador in the world reminds us that 1 minute of forced laughter equals 45 minutes of relaxation that you will experience after you stop laughing and this has been scientifically proven.

What can produce the release of “happiness hormones”, the endorphins in our bodies, is not only the laughter but also the smile. In addition, laughter blocks the “stress hormone”, the cortisol, that is harmful to the brain and muscles. So you mostly feel happier, more relaxed, and let up on the tension felt during the day. You just have to laugh if you want to fight stress and nervous situations.

2. Laughing improves circulation


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Did you know that when you laugh your blood flows 20% faster than usual? Blood pressure is lower and the heart works more efficiently precisely for this reason. An adequate amount of laughter can positively affect the heart and blood vessels in a similar way to a workout according to Dr. Michael Miller of the University of Maryland.

In addition, laughter effectively lowers blood sugar for both healthy people and those suffering from diabetes and would boost the level of good cholesterol, as Japanese scientists say.

3. Immunity by laughing

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Laughter would cause the growth of the number of T lymphocytes that fight the viruses that enter our bodies and also build up other antibodies that protect our upper airways from germs. In addition, laughter releases endorphins, the “happiness hormones”, which also have anti-inflammatory properties. Adrenaline and cortisol, which weaken the immune system, are also blocked when laughing. In general, happy people get sick less often than their darker friends.

4. Laughing makes you lose weight

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Laughter is probably the easiest and most pleasant way to take care of your muscles. When you smile, you train the muscles of the face, stomach, diaphragm and shoulders, and you also burn a lot of calories! 1 minute of laughter makes you burn 12 calories! Isn’t it a perfect diet?

And that’s not all. You probably don’t know that laughter acts as a pain reliever, minimizing muscle tension. When suddenly you have a painful cramp, instead of crying and resorting to pills try laughing. Also to relieve numb limbs, offer them “laughter therapy”.

5. Laughing infects you with positive energy


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Did you know that your smile can mean a lot to other people? When we see smiling faces, we tend to return their smile and even when we don’t, we feel better. If your friends are happy, cheerful and witty people, you will find yourself better with them and forget about your problems in their company.

Conversely, being with someone who complains about everything has a devastating effect on your brain. Researchers say that smile is one of the most important criteria when it comes to judging people. When you smile you look more attractive, confident and friendly, so you also have a better chance of getting a job or a job promotion!

6. Laughing reoxygenates you


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When you smile you breathe more oxygen than when you are sad or serious. This oxygen spreads in the blood and reaches all the tissues of your body. Also, when more oxygen is supplied to your lungs, your brain is sufficiently ventilated and, consequently, absorbs better any information and remembers this information for a longer time.

7. Laughing increases your charm


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As you laugh the corners of the mouth are raised making the face younger and happier. Furthermore, laughing improves the microcirculation which also affects the scalp. This blood supply gives an improved appearance to the hair making it stronger and healthier. When we smile we hide some flaws in our appearance and are generally considered more attractive. Also, increase your chances of finding a partner. Many men have said they appreciate women who laugh at their jokes more.

We reveal two interesting facts about laughter in addition to the health benefits of a smile. The fact that a smile is contagious as a yawn is a well-known fact. The muscles in your face will be unwittingly tricked into smiling when you see happy people laughing out loud. You can even fool your body whether you are in a bad mood and you don’t feel like laughing! Endorphins will take care of all your problems if you try to smile. Enjoy its benefits, and improve your mood.


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Except when they are at work, women tend to laugh more often than men. A survey conducted by scientists showed that we laugh at work more rarely than at home. Also that 30% of respondents smiled 5 to 20 times on a business day and 28% smiled more than 20 times after work. However, there is always a good time to do it. From now on, you should laugh as often as you want, indeed find opportunities to do it often. Laughing is good and now you know there are at least 7 good reasons to do it.

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