7 Products You Will Never Buy Again After Knowing What They Are Made Of


Discover some unusual ingredients contained in the foods you usually eat. You may decide never to eat them again. It is very common to consume industrialized foods without thinking. Especially when we are hungry we eat anything. We open the package and then the mouth without thinking or reading the list of ingredients.¬†Although it is difficult to believe it, there are ingredients that despite deriving from something “natural”, are really disgusting.


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Discover with Mindsetbooster 7 of those products that could change your perspective on food!

1. Marshmallow

 marshmallow candies

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Americans love to roast these typical candies composed mainly of sugar and corn starch around a bonfire with friends. But what do these frothy candies really contain? Not many people know this and the truth is that many confectionery industries prefer not to reveal their secrets. It is known that the gelatin that is used to give candy that light cloud consistency is produced by boiling the skin and bone remains of cows and pigs left by the meat industry.

2. Vanilla ice cream

Vanilla ice cream

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If you love ice cream, especially vanilla, after hearing this news you will probably put it away for a while. In 2013 the magazine “TIME” published an article in which it said: “Your vanilla ice cream can smell like a beaver” and they didn’t lie.

The mix that makes this cold dessert so delicious is usually milk, cream, sugar, and sometimes eggs plus an ingredient that many don’t share with the public is called “Castoreum”, a compound isolated from the anal gland of a beaver that beavers use to mark their territory. There are voices that affirm you can find this ingredient in many other products such as perfumes and other products that smell of vanilla, even if a business insider has kept clarifying that it is a fake News.

3. Beer


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If you like beer, maybe you don’t like this news. Beer has been brewed for over 700 years and the truth is that most of us do it. However, it would seem that beer contains a somewhat disturbing ingredient. The brewing companies would add a product called “fish glue” natural collagen extracted from the swim bladder of the fish and which would serve to make the liquid produced clearer. The “Guinness” brand has completely eliminated it from its production in recent years as well as many other manufacturers.

4. Red sweets

Red sweets

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Which candy color do you like best? If your answer is red, you will have to change your mind by discovering the ingredient called “Carmine” that they contain. This product is a food coloring extracted from some insects, the carmine cochineal, which are crushed, and consequently, this bright color is extracted.

It sounds a little disgusting, but that’s what candy companies usually use to make those bright red candies you love so much. According to Wikipedia, this dye is used for many pastry products as it is highly contained in yogurt, gelatin, fruit juices, and other non-confectionery but cosmetic products such as eye shadows, blushes, and lipsticks.

5. Jellied candies

Jellied candies

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The main ingredients of these candies are sugar and glucose but have you ever experienced how the industry makes these candies so bright, the answer is shellac known as “Shellac”. This ingredient is also found in many shiny materials, such as lacquer, nail polish, lipsticks, and the material with which cars are cleaned. This ingredient is extracted from a type of insect that lives in the forest of India and Thailand.

These small animals have a life of 6 months: they are born, reproduce, feed, and therefore discard this product.

6. Canned mushrooms

canned mushrooms

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Many people use canned products, but hopefully, they may change their minds. First, you should know why it is important and how to balance meals with canned and fresh foods. In the case of canned mushrooms, you should know that these contain an ingredient that may surprise you: worms, or rather as asiagofood explains, they are “larvae of particular insects belonging to the order of Diptera that normally inhabit porcini mushrooms”.

Companies that monitor the quality of food do not ban them, they simply indicate that they stick to an adequate quantity. You can find up to 20 of these small worms in 100 grams of mushrooms.

7. Chips

Potatoes Chips

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The chips that everyone loves are not made of real potatoes. They contain about 40% of dehydrated potatoes and … what is the rest?

Most of the chips on the market would be the result of a combination of different products such as corn and some artificial flavors. After that mix is taken to a deep fryer, and once they have taken on their crunchy consistency, powders from different flavors are added. But that is not all. This production method would eliminate any nutritional content resulting from the original vegetable.

Also remember that all fried foods contain a chemical that is not intentionally added, but is formed during the cooking process. This substance called “acrylamide” and its damage to health would have been widely documented so much that on 11 April 2018, Commission Regulation of food safety (EU) 2017/2158 was applied, which establishes measures for the reduction of the presence of acrylamide. In that regulation of food safety acrylamide is defined as a carcinogenic molecule in food.

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