7 tips to sleep well and wake up full of energy

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To sleep well and a sufficient number of hours have always been considered the first ally of health and well-being. Often, however, due to too much work and stressful conditions that affect us, sleep patterns are altered, causing not only daytime sleepiness but also some symptoms that can also lead to serious damage to health. The lack of sleep, in fact, leads to greater irritability, bad mood, depression, anger, anxiety, and difficulty in making decisions and concentrating.

A new month, a new season, a new year, still new changes for our body that often do nothing but to give us tiredness, bad temper and stress to manage better. Life is made up of constant changes and in order to maintain a correct psychophysical balance, it is recommended to always start again from simple and daily gestures, such as sleeping well. In fact, rest is good for our body and our mood, which is often put to the test by particular events, or simply by the change of habits or the season. For example, if it is happening too often to turn and turn in bed without falling asleep, or to wake up several times during the night, these simple tips for sleeping well will be of great help. Sleepless nights are real torture, one is enough to create stress, nervousness, bad temper and difficulty in facing the day well. Sleeping well is important for our health. To get off to a good start in the morning it is necessary to take at least 7 hours a day of continuous rest. When we sleep well, our body and our mind gain by recharging. In this way, they will not undergo any stress and will be able to perform their functions regularly. Sleeping well means having more energy to face the day with positivity and a good mood despite the difficulties. So how can you get enough rest at night and improve sleep quality?

Make your bedroom more comfortable

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Maybe you’ve never thought about it, but taking care of the environment in which you sleep helps you to rest well. Leaving clutter out of your bedroom will always help you create a relaxing environment. It is important to keep the bedroom clean and to air the room during the day in order to always have a change of air. Create the ideal atmosphere by keeping only a soft light on. Avoid candles, although beautiful and relaxing, because they are dangerous, especially if you are alone in the house.

Choose only natural fabrics

In addition to a good mattress and a bed base with wooden slats, ideal for our back, always prefer for bed linen in natural fabrics. Soft cotton or linen sheets will pamper you at night. During the cold season, however, do not load your bed with many heavy blankets. A light duvet will guarantee you excellent warmth and you will no longer be tangled between the blankets!

Keep outside noises as far away as possible


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Living in the city center means too much noise at all hours! There are those who get used to it and sleep well anyway and those who don’t. In this case, the cheapest way to solve this problem is the earplugs! Not recommended for those with small children, or those who live alone and should wake up to the sound of the alarm clock! In this case, take care to close all the balconies and windows, it will still be extra protection!

Always follow good habits

To end your evenings well, always do something that will make you feel good, prepare a relaxing herbal tea and enjoy it in the company of a good book, massage your hands and feet with delicate cream. Prepare a warm bath, treat your face with a mask for the night. Do yoga or meditation especially if you feel too stiff and nervous.

Avoid smartphones and tablets

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Unfortunately, we all have a bad habit of turning on our smartphone while we are in bed, for the last general look. Don’t do it! Blue lights do not favor the production of melatonin, the hormone that allows you to sleep well. So if you want to go back to sleep well, leave your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and even TV out of the bedroom. Replace them with a book and you will gain not only in health. Reading a good book integrates sleep, widens the mind and is a good habit that everyone should have.

Pay attention to nutrition

In the evening it is important not to eat foods that are too heavy to digest, avoid fried foods, sausages, alcohol, do not drink coffee in the late afternoon and do not eat too late otherwise digestion will create some problems for your sleep!

Plan the next day

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Often it happens that we cannot sleep well because of work thoughts, appointments and all the urgencies that await us the next day. The best advice that will help you relax your mind is to organize everything you can before going to sleep. From the outfit to wear the next day, to the various documents and papers to take to work, plan the day on your agenda so you don’t have to forget anything. Keep paper and pen on the night table. You will need them to write those last-minute ideas or that forgotten commitment! With these simple tips you will be able to feel freer and lighter and above all ready to abandon yourself in the arms of Morpheus for a soothing sleep and an awakening full of energy!

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