A New Travel Destination is Always a Good Idea

A new travel destination is like the first chapter of a book that you already know you will like before even start reading it! During long or short trips we cannot help growing and getting to know ourselves better!

Traveling is also a way to escape sometimes a little too boring or too difficult realities. After each travel, the soul overflows with feelings and every time you are back home, you are already planning where to travel next time, even if sometimes economically speaking you wouldn’t really know when this next time could be possible to put into practice.


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We should plan to travel at least twice a year because by traveling we enlarge our horizons, we learn to be altruistic and practical, we escape the daily routine, we feel freer and we give us more chances to fall in love with the world! Traveling opens the mind and allows us to meet people and places so different from what we are used to in our everyday life. What’ s beautiful about traveling, mind-blowing, provoking and sometimes shaking up? Whether you’re playing tourists in your home country or going on the next train to new countries destinations, even a transatlantic trip, you find always enough reasons to inspire a whole day or a weekend. The unexpected is always there for those who are thirsty and have eyes to see.

In order to be able to travel, it doesn’t matter if you are single or married if you have children or too many things to do at work. Don’t get stuck in front of an excuse but force yourself to take a break, choose your destination and travel. Why should you do so? Because traveling is one of the first things to do to understand that, despite everything, life is wonderful! Traveling is not only going on vacation and waking up late every morning, or spending hours on a cell phone! Traveling is living every moment of every day, waking up with the sun, grinding kilometers with a minimal briefcase, overcoming the unexpected, organizing the various stages of the day and even changing them along the way! Traveling is meeting different people, tasting their new dishes and maybe discovering that they are even better than you imagined!

Traveling also costs effort, money, time and organization. When you travel always be prepared for the unexpected! A canceled flight, a delayed train, a hotel that cannot be found and then so many places to visit. Sometimes you may have no idea of how to do the right choice, but that’s part of the puzzle. Tablets and smartphones can, in fact, be the most faithful travel companions of those who embark on the adventure but also have not really thought of everything. By now the world of apps offers numerous solutions that help travelers from all over the world to free themselves from costs and unexpected events and to make things less complicated.

In order to be able to travel, you have to give up something. You have to set priorities. There are people who are happy to give up expensive up to fashion clothes, super technological cell phones or other “must-have” gadgets, expensive bags, all those material goods or superfluous things or events of life that usually cost time and money. These are people who have chosen to travel in order to live happily. People that feel richer simply by taking fabulous pictures and freezing unique memorable rich moments. Can you blame them? Wouldn’ t you do that too? Because traveling can be the catalyst for positive changes in life. Because traveling means pure happiness.

Throughout times famous people have produced their thoughts and impressions on traveling. Here you have some of the most beautiful and inspiring ones:

Not all those who wander are lost (J.R.R. Tolkien)


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Live life with no excuses travel with no regret (Oscar Wilde)


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People don’t take trips, trips take people (John Steinbeck)


Source: Pexels

I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list (Susan Sontag)

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