This Mask Does Not Eliminate Viruses, But Definitely Scares Them Away

Corona virus Alian Mask

In the fight against coronavirus, all means are excellent. The craftsman came up with a mask in the form of a monster – a face capture from the famous horror movie “Alien“. it skips viruses, but the probability of getting infected is still much lower.


Recently, a post appeared in a group of fans of the movie “Alien” on Facebook. Immediately attracted the attention of users from all over the world. In the publication, page owner Luis Nostromo from Barcelona attached photos of a face mask in the form of a face capture. If you think about it, during a pandemic, the thing is not unnecessary.

Alien coronavirus mask

© Facebook / Nostromo’s Collection

The mask itself is not a medical personal protective equipment – it does not have any filters, so it skips viruses. That’s just getting infected in it becomes more difficult. One has only to attach a small monster; social distance is provided. Not a single person in his right mind and a cannon shot will approach a passerby with an alien on his face.


Best protection Alien mask

© Facebook / Nostromo’s Collection

Little is known about the author of the mask. This is a girl, and when she shared her work with the community administrator, she asked to be introduced as Lady Frankenstein. About six thousand people shared the publication, and among hundreds of comments, many wanted to buy it for themselves. In Russia, the original decision to protect against infection was also noticed – several thousand people appreciated the personnel at Picaba.

Corona Alien mask Corona Alien mask Corona Alien mask Corona Alien mask


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