Apple Watch can measure the blood oxygen level

apple watch

apple watch

In the long run, your smartwatch will be able to track much more than sleep quality and heart rate. Insiders say that Apple is working on the ability to determine the level of oxygen in the blood through the Apple Watch – this will allow device owners to more closely monitor changes in their well-being.
If blood oxygen saturation drops below a certain threshold, you will receive a notification, as now, about an unusual heart rate. It is not known whether this will require new equipment or just a software update. According to Engadget, the most likely approach is when the device uses a mixture of red and infrared sensors to detect changes in oxygen.

Blood oxygen saturation

The adequate and healthy percentage of blood oxygen is considered to be between 95% and 100%. Therefore, when saturation is below 90%, hypoxemia occurs, that is, the level below normal blood oxygen. And one of its characteristic symptoms is difficulty breathing. Also, when a percentage of less than 80 is given, it’s considered severe hypoxemia.

Become one of the most appreciated smartwatches, one of the tricks in which Apple places more emphasis on each annual Keynote with its new models. An Apple Watch comes with functions such as being able to detect cases of arrhythmia or myocardial infarctions before they occur, analyzing the user’s heart rate. The smartwatch can emit alarms and, as we see in these cases, save lives of people who have been about to die.


Measure the blood oxygen level

As we can read on the 9to5Mac website, the iOS 14 code has revealed that Apple is working on several new functions for its smartwatch, one of which is to be able to measure blood oxygen levels with the next version of its system. mobile operating, iOS 14: When Apple Watch detects low oxygen levels based on a predetermined threshold, it will send an alert to the user similar to heart health notifications

What is unknown is whether the watch will be able to measure it on its own, or if it will need some type of additional device or complement, or if it will be an exclusive function only for the new Apple Watch Series 6 that we will see this year it will be able to do it. The truth is that the function may never be officially released, although Apple may also want to make it one of the star features of iOS 14.

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