Best quarantine Video Games That Your Family Will Love Playing

Many peoples have a whole week ahead of them. Moreover, an unplanned vacation promises to be unusual. In essence, it is not recommended to spend it anywhere except your house, so as not to tempt fate and not become infected with the coronavirus. Don’t get bored in this situation is impossible. Unless, of course, you do not know about the most exciting video games, Yes. Moreover, exciting but straightforward games can be found on any platform: whether it is a particular console, computer or smartphone on iOS or Android.

Playstation 4


Sony has a whole line of games for group leisure, which is called PlayLink. It contains several games for large and small companies. Moreover, games for every taste: there are quizzes (“Knowledge is power”) in which you need to move your brain, there are games for reaction (Chimparty), and others are team games (“Hidden Agenda”). The main advantage of such games is the lack of technical limitations. If you want to play six, you do not need six gamepads – control is carried out from smartphones that everyone has.


Photo © Playstation


If the goal is a joint pastime of several people at a great distance, then there is a recommendation for this case. And it’s not trivial like Destiny or FIFA, but non-trivial. More recently, the Dreams project was released on this platform. The title game does not name the language. Dreams– It is instead an interactive virtual environment with a set of tools for creating your games. You can, of course, compare with Minecraft, but Dreams has excellent potential. As for the threshold of entry, but from the development side. You do not have to familiarize yourself with previous episodes of the franchise to figure out what’s what. The main difficulty is the study of the environment. And it will be difficult for everyone. Meanwhile, Dreams is universal: it puts on an equal footing in both hardcore gamers and beginners. While in Dreams, there is only asynchronous multiplayer, but soon a normal one will appear.

Xbox and Windows

In the modern generation, Microsoft has a much weaker range of games than the PlayStation. Only the madman will argue with this. However, we were able to pick out a couple of engaging titles with an offline cooperative with a low entry threshold here.



Photo © Unravel Two

The first is Unravel Two. This is the sequel to a touching puzzle platformer about the anthropomorphic ball of thread Yarni. In the second part, he has a friend – a blue Yarni. Which, of course, must be controlled by a second player. In this case, Unravel Two is remarkable in that the complexity in it grows linearly. At the very beginning, the game teaches to handle even the most “rusty” dummies.

A way out

Photo © Electronic Arts

Having learned the basics in Unravel Two, we invite you to Play A Way Out, an interactive film about two friends who foolishly Escape jail. Management of adventurers entrusts to two players. In this case, the TV screen is divided into two parts. Often both characters do different things, but from time to time they do come together. And when this happens, the biggest fun begins. After all, the success of the mission often depends on the coordinated work of both players. And it is precisely in the search and preservation of a single tact that complexity lies. A Way Out does not require a sportsman’s reaction or intuition from an avid gamer. Only the ability to interact with a partner.


But the online project was easy to choose. After all, just one of them has long been associated with the main Xbox exclusive. This, of course, is about Sea of ​​Thieves, a simulator of pirate adventures in a cartoony and friendly style. Some necessary skills for playing Sea of ​​Thieves are still needed, but they are unlikely to give a significant advantage over newcomers to experienced gamers. The fact is that the sea and ships are such a rare setting for video games that anyone will have to master it.

Sea of ​​Thieves

Photo © Sea of ​​Thieves

By the way, since Xbox and Windows are now nominally the same platform, the ones listed in this part of the game can also be used on a PC.

Nintendo switch

For centuries, Nintendo has secured the image of the leading provider of family interactive entertainment. The company, of course, does not shun brutal content from third-party developers, but it creates only the so-called family-friendly games. And the “big N” is actively experimenting in this niche. Moreover, the experiments are given exceptionally well offline.


If you need to have fun in the evening with your parents, brother or sister, take 1-2 Switch. This is a collection of 28 mini-games, each of which uses the unique capabilities of Joy-Con controllers: tactile feedback, spatial orientation and more. To play 1-2 Switch, you do not need any knowledge in the field of video games – you only need a partner and a hand.

nintendo switch

Photo © Pxfuel

And when you get tired of playing with Joy-Con, you can pay attention to Nintendo Labo. This is a cardboard constructor that turns into armor, a car steering wheel and pedals, an airplane steering wheel and many other wonderful gizmos. Their trick is that the Switch prefix becomes the heart of each design. Put, Nintendo Labo allows you to assemble gaming peripherals for the console independently. Unique leisure time for the whole family is guaranteed.


You need to open Twitter or Twitch, as it immediately becomes clear from what online games the whole world is going crazy today. This is Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If you describe this project as briefly as possible, it’s better not to find a definition than a farm simulator. In AC, the player receives at his disposal a piece of land and exalts it as he pleases. When you get tired, you can go to a friend on a neighboring island. Player avatars can have a virtual tea or karaoke party, or engage in other collaborative activities. Invaluable experience.

Crossing Animals

Photo © Nintendo

Android and iOS

Games and smartphones are a sore subject for any self-respecting gamer. Video game fans suffer from the fact that the potential of both platforms is great, but it is used on strength by 5% of all titles in the App Store and Google Play. Everything else is trash. We rummaged in it pretty much and found something valuable that can be attributed to this 5 %.


The best option if you have two people on one tablet or smartphone, is a plot adventure game where two brothers – Nai and Naya – go on a dangerous adventure to get medicine for their father (he is not sick with the coronavirus). Almost all brothers management comes down to two sticks: one for each character and player. It is primitive and easy to learn. However, with A Way Out, the insidiousness of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons lies in their ability to act together. Not without reason, both projects were done by the same people.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons - Best Video Games

Photo © Steam

There are two smartphones and a desire to move? Download DUAL! This is a brilliant variation on the theme of classic pong. A pair of devices is synchronized via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and between them, a virtual field is formed, along which a ball flies. The shorter the distance between smartphones, the faster the ball hits the opponent’s screen. The task of the latter is to catch the shell and send the opponent to the smartphone. In general, DUAL! – the case when it is better to watch the trailer to understand the essence.


We would safely recommend Stardew Valley as a public alternative to Animal Crossing, but there is no multiplayer in mobile versions. Therefore, we will get along with other recommendations.

Mario Kart Tour

Photo © Stardew Valley

Mario Kart Tour is a harmless, but fascinating and mechanically intense arcade race with characters from the Super Mario universe, most of which, thanks to Dendy, is known in Russia for both young and adults. 

Yes, Hearthstone is a game on one of the geekiest universes in the history of humankind, World Of Warcraft. But no, you don’t have to know why Jaina has blue eyes, and Sylvanas has grey skin to enjoy this fantastic collectable card game (CCI). Hearthstone fully justifies its slogan “Deceptively simple and incredibly interesting.” This CCI is straightforward to get involved in, and it is tough to part with it later. One of the best online projects for beginners.


Photo © Hearthstone

By and large, there is nothing wrong with self-isolation. However, prolonged contact with loved ones in a confined space is doomed to an increase in tension between them. Not without reason, after 12 weeks of quarantine in China, the number of divorces has risen sharply. Video games are one way to let off steam in such a situation. Collective video games are the best of them. Do not underestimate this type of leisure—most people in quarantine turn to video games. Whichever gaming company you’re stuck in, each reports on audience growth—even Russian. For example, the Playkey streaming service recently reported a 300% revenue growth for February.




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