Breakfast in Bed, a Lifestyle of Happy People


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Why breakfast in bed? Well, you can live a happy life, just by taking an example from happy people. The happiest people in the world! Living happily means a lifestyle that really intrigues us! Happy people believe that the little things sum what most counts in life, that good food is the foundation of love and wellbeing (or at least… like 80% of these two), that the mind, the body, the spirit are all important elements that create happy feelings. Happy people know they have control over how they achieve happiness. They believe in making every relation count. Happy is a style, a trend, a way of life, it is that emotion that gives you a pleasant moment of total light-heartedness, for example, an evening with friends, a walk by the sea, a cup of tea with your best friend. That welcoming atmosphere, that moment of pure pleasure is obtained and reached in various ways. In fact, the happy style is very personal, therefore you cannot copy a happy style!

If a cup of coffee and a good slice of cake would be enough for me to live a happy moment during my breakfast in bed, you would probably need something else completely different! Each of us should learn to listen to himself, his needs, to slow down the pace and find time to live happily: a little jogging on the weekend, a beer with a friend, a picnic, or, why not, a breakfast in bed! This weekend how would you think about experiencing a lifestyle that ensures us moments of pure happiness? Could a relaxing breakfast in bed be your happy mood? Don’t think about it too much, just imagine how nice it could be to do it! Don’t complain! Act! Let’ s be inspired by very happy people and this weekend, let’s treat ourselves and our dearests with a relaxing breakfast in bed!

Pancake with Raspberries Breakfast

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Tips for organizing a perfect and quick breakfast in bed

You should prepare for your breakfast in bed a cake, an apple pie, a chocolate plumcake, muffins. The next morning all you have to do is take a large tray better if with high edges, prepare two nice orange juices, coffee or tea and add two dishes with your favorite dessert. Choose something special for breakfast in bed, add yogurt or fresh fruit. You could also choose a savory breakfast, with eggs, toast, and bacon. Why not? This will be like being on vacation and waking up late. The ultimate adventure!


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The menu for a breakfast in bed depends first of all on what you are used to enjoying for breakfast, on your tastes and those of your better half and then on the time you want to dedicate to the preparation! Preparing a dessert the day before is the quickest solution and I recommend it. But if you manage to make pancake batter the night before, in a few minutes you could prepare a super breakfast in bed! If it is a moment to share with your partner you should add a fresh flower or a note, depends on the case, better still a letter! It will deliver a festive vibe like when on holidays with minimal effort!

Breakfast in bed is a real luxury to be enjoyed on the weekend, at a particular time, that’s why it could be part of a happy lifestyle! In this case, happiness is given by the feeling of lightness, of total freedom of time in knowing that you will not have to get up and run to work, but on the contrary, those who want to, can enjoy that precious time and use it as they prefer! Know that you don’t necessarily have to be engaged to enjoy this pleasant moment and not even pastry chefs. In fact, breakfast desserts can also be replaced by simple rusks and jam! I am sure that even an easier breakfast in bed could offer a moment of pure happiness!

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