Dublin hires Homeless People as Tour Guides, and gives an Important Lesson


Photo by Lukas Kloeppel from Pexels

Dublin had one of the best initiatives to employ the homeless. No one knows the streets of this city as those who sleep in it, walk through the alleys, and observe everything without being seen.

So, who would be the best tourist guide than those who can show you the corners not discovered by people who have no time to contemplate. They are the ears and eyes of Dublin and those who know their stories best.

For 10 euros they can catch you with their real stories and not what you can research on the Internet. In this way, the capital of Ireland is controlling two issues; they give work and reintegrate the homeless into society and attract tourists.

Also, the capital is so beautiful that there is no room for foreigners who want to know the place.

Many other countries have tried to replicate this strategy that has everyone delighted. Dublin has taught us a great lesson in caring for all members of society and treating them as equals.

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