Eat, Train, Love. How to get Fit during lockdown?

One of the most challenging tasks of self-isolation is to stop eating and force yourself to move. Mindsetbooster found out what can help you lose weight and get your body in shape for the upcoming season.


eat, train, love.

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When at home, there are chocolates, cookies, or chips; it is tough to resist and not absorb everything. Do not buy anything harmful to your health and your figure. And if you bought it, come up with a game for yourself in which the main prize will be a treat. Dismantled the wardrobe – get a slice of chocolate. Have arranged general cleaning – allow yourself a cake. Washed the windows – get the ice cream. Fitness trainer Alyona Bulatova notes that it is impossible to indulge in sweets after sports loads. Harmful foods are only allowed in the morning and tiny portions. If you feel the desire to change your diet dramatically, you can use the services of the delivery of ready-made healthy food.

– Over the past two weeks, we have seen an increase in orders. The menu line for losing weight is especially in demand now, and our Daily line is for those who do not want (do not like) to cook,” said Daniel Halper, CEO of Grow Foodservice. – The customer is guaranteed every two days to receive ready-made food for the next two days. Since last year we have contactless delivery, so it is not only convenient but also as safe as possible in the circumstances.

According to the co-founder of just-food service Sergey Korolyov, sales grew by about 20%. The average bill has not changed much. Apparently, on self-isolation, some people are ready to experiment with their diet.

– It’s essential to consume fewer calories than you spend per day. If you do not want to waste time counting calories, but homemade dishes can be low-calorie if you choose the right recipe,” said nutritionist Svetlana Andreeva.

eat, train, love.



If you devote 40-50 minutes to your body once a day, performing exercises for general muscle groups, then a month later, you will see the result,” said fitness instructor Vladislav Sorokin.

For those who do not know what exercises to do and how not to tear themselves away at home training, there are applications and online classes. The company Grows-Food gives its customers a subscription to an online fitness room, which hosts live broadcasts with nutritionists, training and talks about a healthy lifestyle.

For example, a useful service for exercising and losing weight is 30 Day Fitness. The application contains online workouts from home for problem areas of your body that you specify yourself. You can not just train, but take part in challenges: “Getting ready for the summer”, “Perfect Press” and so on. Each problem has its exercises and its time for completing tasks. The first week of using the application is free.

30 Day Fitness - online workouts from home

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An alternative way to lose something is dancing or yoga. You can engage in lessons on “YouTube”, through live broadcasts on “Instagram” or in applications. For beginner yogis, the YogaClub service is suitable. You can use it for free, and choose training according to your condition: headache, depression, want to tighten leg muscles or establish sleep – there are exercises for any request.

eat, train, love.

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Psychologist Tatyana Semenko notes that people get fat when they start to seize up their problems and experiences. If something bothers you and you cannot handle it, try doing a few push-ups or squats.– The main thing is to notice where a person seizes his stress, takes his idleness, and where a person eats, satisfies his natural need. So, if you want to stuff your belly, stuff it with buckwheat, at least,” the psychologist adds.

Excessive food intake and unwillingness to play sports are signs of dislike for yourself and your body. If you don’t give a damn about how you look, keep eating while lying on the couch. But you can go to the mirror and honestly answer yourself: where are the problems and what can be done with them.

– Now at every step, they talk about how important it is to accept yourself as you are. But this does not mean at all that you need to stop caring for your health,” said yoga teacher Evgenia Grigoryeva. – You can take yourself loose or skinny, lazy, or a workaholic. The main thing is to understand that there is no limit to perfection, that you can become even better, more beautiful, smarter, wealthier, and happier, but for this, you need to make an effort.

eat, train, love.

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