Science Confirms that Happiness is in Traveling, not in Buying Things

Know the results obtained by science in different studies where it is reflected that true happiness does not come from buying things.


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Happiness is something that all of us should experience is a feeling so positive that it fills us with strength, it makes us want to move forward day after day with our loved ones and the people who value us.
Many people today do not remember what happiness is and take refuge in material things that they say make them happy. Still, there is nothing that makes us more comfortable than living experiences.

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There are many experiences that we can live in our lives since, from them, we will learn many things, and we will know about feelings that we may never imagine exploiting; however, today, we want to talk about them.
Today we want to make you reflect on happiness and how this feeling can be easily achieved without spending much, without taking refuge in material objects, but we can obtain it through experiences.

Being happy is easy according to science


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For many, happiness is understood in just one account with many leading zeros; the more money we have in the bank, the happier we will be since we can give ourselves the luxuries that we want. However, do you think you are happy like that?

Many have a lot of money and are unhappy, are full of luxuries, and yet this is nothing for them, they need something else, that special touch that no one gives us more than our friends or live new experiences.

Some wealthy people buy many things to feel happy; however, you should know that buying does not give us happiness, and more joy gives us to travel, so when you want to buy something better, think about making a trip.

Many say that when they travel they live lovely and unforgettable experiences and this is wonderful, also affirm that the best moments of their lives have lived it during a trip, so why not travel and be happy?

This fact was verified at the State University of San Francisco in the United States, that the emotion we feel when buying clothes, or something new couldn’t be compared at all to the happiness or satisfaction we feel when traveling since We will remember those good moments and the feelings we had for a longer time compared to a purchase.
This feeling, according to psychology, can be defined as a set of endogenous factors that are controlled by a person who causes them to become a mood, this being happiness.

For its part in sociology is considered happiness as the scope of our achievements at the social level, such as being full of luxuries, following trends, buying clothes from recognized brands, among others, but what do you think? What do you think is happiness?
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