How to Be Happy on VALENTINES’ DAY

Where Valentines’ day comes from

Valentines’ Day, the celebration of love, is being linked by most legends to the name of Saint Valentine in Rome. It is said that during the time of Roman Emperor Claudius II, most Romans did not want to go to the battlefield. The emperor believed that they preferred to stay at home with their wives and family and this is how comes that he decided that none of the soldiers of Rome could marry again. Valentine, a Christian priest, considered that the emperor did not have this right to limit people from being in love and happy and secretly married couples, in secret places. Eventually, the emperor found him and arrested him, but considering him a young and wise man, he encouraged him to give up Christianity and become a Roman soldier. Valentine refused, however, and was imprisoned and sentenced to death. Before being executed he sent goodbye letters to his friends and signed them “Your Valentine.”


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How to surprise your half on Valentines’ Day

Why you should be happy on Valentines’ Day? Because Valentine’s Day can be an important day to revive your life together as a couple. Celebrating the love that unites you, spending time rethinking your most beautiful memories, also doing something simply special, dedicating yourselves to your couple and your intimacy, rediscovering the pleasure of flirting, trusting and being together, taking some time to understand what you really want to develop together and in your love story and embarking on new projects. Need an example? Start eliminating negative routines and cultivating love and passion daily.

Valentines’ Day on February 14 has become, in many countries, the day of love. It is the day when many couples choose to express in a special way their feelings towards their partner, offering them gifts, messages of love or greetings specific to the day. If you want to surprise your half and do not know how to do it, here are some suggestions to spend a wonderful Valentines’ Day together:

Spend your Valentines’ Day evening in a romantic or special place 

Valentines' Day

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Buy a gift that suits your half  on Valentines’ Day


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Choose an elegant flower bouquet and attach a personalized message to celebrate Valentines’ Day with your love

Valentines' Day

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Organize a surprise Valentines’ Day dinner at home or wherever you find appropriate

dinner date on seashore

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Propose preparing Valentines’ Day dinner together

Valentines' Day dinner

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Spend a relaxing Valentines’ Day at the SPA

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Recreate the first date on Valentines’ Day

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Prepare a personalized Valentines’ Day gift

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Schedule a city tour or a Valentines’ Day trip

Day trip

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How to be happy on Valentines’ Day if you are a single

Remembering that Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, everyone knows also that singles prefer to ignore the issue or, failing to ignore it at all, they end up embracing ghosts and disillusions. What not everyone knows, however, is how to live positively and be happy on February 14, recovering the deeper and more literal meaning of the anniversary. First of all, it should be remembered that Valentine’s Day is considered a celebration day. This means an occasion of joy, during which love is celebrated and when we could dedicate time and energy to what we love. Secondly, Valentine’s Day celebrating love does not mean that celebrating refers only to who is in a couple, but to who loves something in their life. And since everyone loves – or should love – at least themselves, everyone has a reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day and dedicate themselves to love, on a day of happiness where single people are not marginalized. So then, what would be the right spirit to face February 14th? To love ourselves more!

As we made clear that Valentines’ Day should be an occasion of happiness for everyone, in order to make it a special day anyway, we should do our best to relaunch the relationship with ourselves and our love life, or simply not to hate it, there are always some ideas. For instance, if you have no “half” for this moment of your life you could as well send gift suggestions or greetings to your friends, or customers, or family members!

Valentines’ Day is also a good occasion when you could also think, or read and inspire yourself by the love stories from the pages of books. We all know that phrase from the end that sometimes comes to mind: “… and they lived happily ever after.” Although from the beginning they struggled with supernatural forces or mischievous and ill-intentioned people, on the last page, the world around lovers was quiet, and they were going to live surrounded by love.

Sometimes we wonder how the story continued beyond the cover. So, you could also appreciate seeing a good romantic movie on Valentines’ Day evening, maybe a screenplay of your favorite book.

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Then, turning back to the characters of real life, whether they are part of the world of art or science or politic, or simply your own neighbors, there are always those strong admirable couples who struggle to overcome their obstacles and have still a happy relationship. We can be always inspired by their story and be happy on Valentines’ Day because real love exists!

So, Happy Valentines’ Day to EVERYONE!

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