How True Friendship Contributes to our Happiness

The spiritual value of true friendship is that it can help us develop ourselves towards good changes in our lives and growing. It can help un towards happiness.


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What is true friendship? Everybody talks about it or, everybody cessed to do so because something or someone made them give up on friendship for some reason. But true friendship exists and it is recognized by the fact that it resists years and distance. Friends who call us on our personal issues, help us to grow and support us through personal hardships. If they are supporting us in our rise and transformation, then we should preserve and appreciate our friends. If they attenuate us, then we should attenuate them, although a friend is always a friend. Our aim should be to find a path that is parallel to our principles in life and then stay faithful to it no matter what. When we split with a close friend it hurts a lot and the reason makes us question ourselves.

We can’t exaggerate how determining great friends are to our success and happiness in life. Good friends may no longer be regularly present in our life yet, if there is an opportunity to help, we should always be accessible, for true friendship never ends. Being away, not being able to hear from every day, and not being able to do those great sessions of daily laughter that have accompanied your friendship for years, that is a great challenge. But this is what true friendships mean.

The lifelong friends are what keeps our mental balance up and what allows us to survive even when hardships of life show up. Knowing that we are so lucky to have that friend in our life that is always ready to be our other half, our reason when our own reason trembles, our safe harbor, is a thought that accompanies us through hard times and good times. And that is a fortune. Unfortunately, strange as it is, full of wonderful adventures, sometimes pleasant, sometimes less, life doesn’ t bring us always together. It’s from the quality of the spiritual aspects that you recognize true friends, not from the number of years you’ve been spending together.


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The truth is that there is no perfect friendship rule: each one is special in its own way, you build it and you keep it alive. You have to roll up your sleeves and understand what is really important in your relationship, what weight you give to the years spent together and how much you are able to grow and mature in kinship, even if far away from each other. When life takes you away, you learn to be close in the heart. You understand that you can miss each day and then meet again without anything having changed, with the same light in the eyes and the same desire to be together, and tell each other everything. And most of all, one must remember that one of the main states of happiness of life is having a friend who understands you without speaking.

There is another strong mechanism to recognize true friends. Miraculously hidden amongst all the circumstances, most often, true friends come to light only after the situation itself has changed. Not everybody is lucky enough to have a soulmate: living far away but with the certainty of having each other will make you discover how full of love loneliness can be. When you are far from your friend, you can not help but think about it every day and see it again in the many beautiful things you do: you will recall good memories, you will think about your laughter that awakened the good mood or the afternoons you have spent together. You realize that you are true friends especially when you are away because you realize that you feel blessed sometimes simply because of memories.


Source: Pexels

In physics, two systems, two entities that interacted for a certain period of time and are then divided, can no longer be considered two distinct and separate entities but must be seen as a single entity. This is why in friendship we assimilate the other. We make ours what was previously only his. We are souls who not only know the other’s life, death and miracles … But we, somehow, have accomplished them together! True friendship endures time because it resists the many tests of life.

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