Identify Your Character By the Way You Sit!

sitting poses meaning

Outsiders Can Easily Identify Your Character By How You Sit

The character of a person can be determined simply by the way he sits! As you know, a person displays most of his emotions and moods in non-verbal ways: sign language and body language. A clear example of body language is the posture in which our body is in a standing or sitting position.


Often, when communicating, a person does not have enough words to express his emotions most capaciously. Then, non-verbal communication approaches assist us. They allow us to more accurately show how we feel about the subject of the conversation. After all, a person’s posture is often more eloquent than hundreds of words. But body language and the postures we take can not only demonstrate our emotions. It turned out that the character of a person can be determined simply by looking at how he sits! Have you ever intentionally watched out on the way you sit? No? And your sitting posture can tell a lot about others. Examples of poses and their meanings can be found on the next page. Find yours among them.


Mindsetbooster shows you 5 examples of poses and their meanings. Detect yours among them!


sitting poses meaning

Pose A This sitting posture is inherent in creative and charismatic personalities. You do not like long thoughts and often make spontaneous decisions. Sometimes it gives you inconvenience, but natural charm always helps you get out of any situation. You perceive life as one big adventure and are almost always open to a new one. You have many friends and acquaintances, but most of these relationships are fast-passing.

 examples of poses

Pose B   This pose is inherent in dreamers. You have a very rich imagination and sometimes you go headlong into dreams. You have a very high level of empathy, and you can easily build relationships with other people. But sometimes you push yourself into the background in relation to others. You not only know how to listen to other people well but are also in harmony with your inner world.

sitting poses meaning


Pose C Fidget people who find it difficult to concentrate on something and devote a lot of time to this pose love to sit. You are full of ideas and your words are often ahead of thoughts, which can sometimes lead to mixed reactions from others. Your attention is constantly shifting from one object to another. Best of all you feel in an actively changing environment. In personal relationships, you quickly lose interest in partners who do not have a dynamic character.

 examples of poses


Pose D

This sitting posture is inherent in people with high intelligence and rational thinking. You are punctual, accurate and love order. Your house is probably very clean and everything lies in its place. In communication with others, you are a little closed and never tell everything about yourself at once. You also do not like to lie and gossip. In a difficult situation, you remain calm and do not lose your presence of mind.

sitting poses meaning

Pose E

If you like to sit in this position, then you are a very ambitious person, aimed at a successful career. You always set yourself high goals and successfully achieve them. This applies not only to professionals but also to personal life. You are working methodically to have good health and quality relationships. There is some kind of perfectionism in your view of the world. And in pursuit of it, you sometimes forget to enjoy the many that you already have.

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