Mavicure, a Colombian paradise


A magical place in the heart of the jungle. 

The hills of Mavicure


Lovers of adventure and nature: this destination is for you. The hills of Mavicure are part of the formation of the Guiana Shield, located in the southeast of the country. As a curious fact, we can say that this geographical formation is composed of some of the oldest rocks on the planet.

These beautiful hills are located next to the Inírida river. In addition to the Mavicure, visitors can also appreciate Cerro El Pajarito and El Mono.

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If you believe this place isn’t safe, you are wrong. Now Inírida enjoys a lot of peace and tranquility for many years. In this way, Colombians and foreigners can already enjoy these wonders.

To get to this beautiful paradise, you must travel by plane to Guainía from Bogotá and there take a boat that takes you to the Cerros de Mavicure.

Once there, relax: for a couple of years, visitors can find suitable lodging and restaurant options. The indigenous communities of Remanso and Venado provide this service. Thus, not only is the landscape enjoyed at an excellent price, but it is also possible to know first hand the local traditions.

In these communities, the indigenous ethnic groups of Puinave, Curripanco, and Cubeo coexist. They have tourist guides that will accompany you to climb the hill of Mavicure. In this majestic place you can appreciate the imposing Amazonian landscape. In addition, you can identify the endemic flora and fauna.


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In addition, as a reward for the long walk, you can enjoy a relaxing bath in the San Joaquin pipe, where the water is red thanks to the color of the land found in its bed.

According to mythology, Cerro Pájaro, Mono, and Mavicure are three orphaned brothers who separated because one of them did not like birds or monkeys. The brother who killed birds and monkeys was precisely Mavicure, and that’s why he was banished from the place, which is why he had to go to the other side of the river.

The possibility of delighting in a new destination, with so much history and spectacular landscapes, makes this natural wonder one of the must-see places for those who want to know the Colombian jungle beyond the Amazon.

Mountains, rivers, clean air, food born in the fertile soil of this corner of the country are an invitation to breathe your peace and history. Thus, many may remember that sometimes the greatest treasures are those that we have not yet discovered.
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