Papaya -10 Good Reasons to Be Happy to Eat it


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By origin from southern Mexico, Central America, and northern South America, in the present, the papaya is cultivated in most tropical countries. The better health contribution is the effect of introducing papaya fruits into the diet and, ultimately, it lowers the risk of disease, as the benefits below will attest. And, guess what! Many of its greatest benefits actually come from its seeds, while the papaya is typically available as chopped fresh or dry fruit. The peppery flavor is a particularity of papaya seeds so they can be enjoyed raw, dried, crushed, or frozen. They have a strong taste, so you should know that it is commonly used to season meat or add irresistible flavor to dressings and sauces, or simply taken with honey. This is the way it is generally preferred.
We should all eat papaya seeds in order to fix so many aspects of our health, as lately it was proved to be very efficient in healing: liver, kidneys and digestive tract issues. You should also know that it is definitely better to start with two or three seeds a day and work our way up to a full teaspoon.

⦁ Liver Detox

Sliced Papaya Fruit

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They say that papaya seeds were used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to detoxify the body and the liver. The fruit of the papaya is considered a great help for protecting against chemically-induced liver damage. Studies have yielded mixed results, while it’s been documented that papaya seeds are highly beneficial in the treatment of alcohol and malnutrition-induced cirrhosis. That’ s why, for a higher benefit to the body, it is recommended eating both the fruit and seeds.

⦁ Digestive System Health


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Studies of researchers on digestive system health concluded many good effects of consuming papaya seeds and fruit, such as killing harmful amoebas and parasites, or, when it comes to consuming papaya seeds, protection of the digestive tract from ulcers by increasing mucus production and decreasing gastric acidity. They found for instance that dried seeds killed human intestinal parasites without harmful side-effects and also that the consumption of it offers a natural, harmless, cheap, readily available monotherapy and preventive strategy against intestinal parasitosis, mostly in tropical communities.

⦁ Prevent Inflammation


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Enzymes like papain and chymopapain that have the ability to lower inflammation and promote healing are contained in the seeds of papaya fruit. This is how comes that in Latin America became traditional the use of a paste made from papaya seeds in order to cure burns and wounds. The seeds are as well common as a good help for many inflammatory complications like menstrual pain and cramps, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis. So, in order to relieve pain during periods, you should consume papaya seeds. Here is a tip you should’ t skip: after mixing the seeds with papaya leaves, honey has to be added in order to obtain a preferable taste. Once you let it chill, you can drink it and very soon get better.

⦁ Cure dengue

Papaya Leaf

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Papaya seeds are a remedy against the disease, with dengue on the rise. When dengue fever attacks, you can start consuming papaya seeds and leaves as well, in order to help in increasing your blood and keeping you safe from the disease. It is guaranteed!

⦁ Acne Remedy


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We all know that when our hormones are not stable acne occurs. For the hormones equilibrium, you can prepare a face pack by mixing papaya seeds and papaya leaves and then put it on for not more than 15 minutes. Wash off the face pack and do it regularly so you will see magical results.

⦁ Fights Parasites and Excess Proteins


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Here is some other good news about papaya seeds: parasites and their eggs are broke down together with protein in our body with the help of this precious enzyme called proteolytic enzymes we find in papaya seeds.

⦁ Kidney Defense

Papaya seeds can help kidneys from toxin-induced kidney failure. There are studies, like the one published in African Health Science, that found the seeds of papaya to have the ability to reverse kidney damage induced by paracetamol, which is the active ingredient in over-the-counter pain and fever reducers as Tylenol.


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⦁ Heart Benefits

The papaya seeds definitely control diabetes, hypertension, and hypercholesterolemia, and have certified heart benefits. An alkaloid found in those precious seeds, called Carpaine, moderates heart rate by reducing blood pressure.

⦁ Defense while Facing Cancer

There are studies on the properties and the compounds of the seeds of papaya that found that the seeds’ flavonoids prevented cancer through their antioxidative and anti-inflammatory means.

⦁ Pregnancy Prevention

Apart from his powerful healing properties, papaya seeds are also a natural method of preventing pregnancy with significant benefits. In mice and rabbit studies, male animals treated with papaya seeds were found to be significantly less fertile than other animals and during the study, rabbits reached a 0% fertility rate without negative side effects of loss of libido. What is the best of these results is the fact that the effects were reversible and fertility was surprisingly restored in all subjects after 45 days from the end of the study. Even if the seeds may help to avoid pregnancy, they are not flawless and definitely they do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases, so conventional contraception is recommended alongside.

So, long live the magical papaya fruit!

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