What’s About Coffee and the Perfect Time for it

They say coffee should be drunk hot, comfortably and in good company. We could skip sometimes other aspects, but at least we shouldn’ t miss hot, which is a big deal!

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If questioned on what’s the every day must-have, for many people wouldn’ t be something that they usually keep in their handbag or something they repeatedly wear! One word. Coffe! Oh, yes! What a delight!

A cup of steaming coffee in the morning is a real delight, especially as soon as you wake up! Preparing the homemade Moka coffee with ground coffee, leaving it on the stove, while waiting for the aroma of freshly brewed coffee to envelop the house in a warm hug, all this is magical. It is a natural ritual that you absolutely shouldn’ t give up!

It is true that a coffee maker on the fire is enough to fill a room with joy in any season and at any time of the day! As a matter of fact, if you want to give a welcoming touch to your home in only five minutes, for example, in case you’re waiting for guests to arrive out of the blue and you wouldn’ t know how to better welcome them, you should prepare your coffee and serve it to your guests. They will appreciate it right from the entrance of your house, at least for the happy home magical fragrance it spreads, if it happens they are not coffee drinkers. Homemade Moka coffee is special, for instance, for that unique not too loaded taste, for the pleasure of waiting for your magic to happen, because it always feels like home!


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Sometimes, however, we have the feeling of not feeling the right charge right from the first cup. So, fortunately, second-morning coffee is indeed like magic. A whole other thing! It does not really depend on the quality of the coffee we are using, nor on the quantity of caffeine we ingest, but on the moment we drink it. And yes, there is a perfect time to drink coffee! Enjoying the benefits of drinking coffee is directly related to making a good choice in terms of perfect timing to drink your coffee. This is actually an effect that occurs together with the beneficial properties of coffee.

When should we drink coffee?


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Researches and studies have proved that there is a perfect, beneficial and most producing time to drink coffee, the perfect time to produce its benefits and all the possible charge. The recommended time for it is between 9:30 and 11:30 in the morning, exactly when the level of cortisol in the body begins to diminish. All you need is a cup of coffee in order to restore the right charge and energy to start again. As soon as we wake up we feel slow and sleepy, but our natural cortisol will soon reach its highest peak. In fact, between 8 and 9 in the morning that feeling of slackness and sleepiness will disappear and we will naturally be awake thanks to this hormone we all possess. That’s why at breakfast we don’t feel the extra sprint that we expect from our first cup!

The second peak of cortisol starts immediately after lunch, so waiting for 15:00 to have more coffee will be essential to find the right energy to go back to work and have a productive afternoon. It is not recommended, however, to drink too much coffee. For all subjects without any particular pathology, 3 cups a day are recommended, at most 4, better if alternated with coffees prepared with Moka at home, therefore fewer load than those taken at the bar.

Coffee is a vasodilator, an excellent drink to be taken to combat headaches. Drink it bitterly with a few drops of lemon and it will help you get rid of your headache. It also performs a protective action on the liver, helps to slightly increase pressure and metabolism. For this, it is not recommended for those suffering from hypertension, intestinal inflammation, and gastric disorders. Always remember that drinking one glass of water for every cup of coffee is a must. The reason is to avoid dehydration. In fact, coffee itself isn’t defective for us at all. What could be negative is what we have the habit to add to our coffee.

The best time to drink coffee and reap its benefits


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Clarifying this dilemma has certainly helped many people to dissolve some doubts on the coffee topic, but it has certainly not changed their habits. Coffee drinkers would never ever give up the first-morning coffee cup, which will never be as effective as it should, but so warm and enveloping as a sweet hug. A hug that will ease the wait for the second cup to sip who knows where and with whom, but with the absolute certainty that it will give the right charge. They will wait for the afternoon without fearing the tiredness that punctually arrives after a busy day. Pour les connaisseurs there is no ideal time to drink coffee. It is so subjective and sometimes intimate, and joyful that you have no need for any rules or advice, if not the certainty of ensuring pleasant sensations and lots of energy to face the day at best!

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