Eto’o And Drogba’s Answer For Testing Covid-19 Vaccine In Africa

Scientists have been accused of racism.

French scientists have been accused of racism

Scientists have been accused of racism.

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In the last few days, information has appeared that scientists are thinking about using the BCG vaccine to fight Coronavirus. In this case, the study of the possible use of the vaccine will be completed within a year or two.
Natalia Stavitskaya, MD, professor of the Novosibirsk Research Institute of Tuberculosis, in an interview with TASS, noted that

“BCG vaccine has been studied enough, but in working with coronavirus infection it requires more detailed study. The mechanisms of tuberculosis and viral infections are similar. Both tuberculosis and viral infection are intracellular infections. These are common pathogenesis links that need to be studied. ”

Few scientists in Melbourne have set in motion the carrying out of the B.C.G. vaccine or a placebo to thousands of nurses, physicians, health care workers, and respiratory therapists. This happened last Monday and was the first attempt of several randomized controlled investigations destined to test the vaccine’s efficacy facing the Coronavirus.
Many scientists around the world are discussing this topic. But in France, after the broadcast of professors Jean-Paul Mira (head of the intensive care unit at the Paris hospital) and Camille Locht (director of research at the French National Institute of Health), scandal flared up on LCI. The fact is that both scientists proposed to test the BCG vaccine in Africa.


Mira: “Why not conduct tests in Africa, where there are no masks, drugs, and normal resuscitation? It would be something like AIDS tests. “But we conduct tests on prostitutes who are most often infected with this disease?”

Locht: “It is. We are currently considering research in Africa. ”

A reaction followed immediately. A number of famous African football players erupted on angry Twitter posts.

“It is unthinkable that we continue to accept this. Africa is not a laboratory. I strongly condemn these serious, racist and contemptuous remarks! Help us save lives in Africa and stop the spread of this virus, which destabilizes the whole world, instead of considering us guinea pigs. This is absurd! “African leaders are responsible for protecting people from these monstrous designs. God bless us!”

– wrote Didier Drogba.

“You are just shit. Africa is not your estate,” wrote Samuel Eto’o.

“Two fools (let’s be polite) talk about testing the vaccine on the Africans as they did with AIDS. What, besides death, do these monsters deserve? They see us (all who are not from the West, all who are not white) pieces of meat. Welcome to the West, where white people consider themselves so much better than the rest that racism becomes normal. We have passed the point of no return. Time to get up,”

Demba Ba wrote.

“The coronavirus did not spare them. What pitiful and shameful statements,”

wrote the former midfielder of Liverpool, Juventus, and PSG Mohammed Sissoko.

And you? What do you think about this topic?

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