Slow Life, the Lifestyle to Simply Love

If we take time and think very well, slow life is the secret to living well! As soon as the alarm goes off, the marathon against time starts running faster and faster! Breakfast happens always halfway and running in the middle of traffic. In this way, we get to our work already with a very high percentage of anxiety and stress in our bodies! So life is too chaotic and too burdened of everything and nothing. We act mechanically, without even realizing it and without ever having a bit of time to watch and feel what is happening around us. We run on the street, at work, we run shopping, at the station, at school to pick up the children and in the long run. Our relationships suffer, as do our bodies. We are always subjected to very high doses of stress, anxiety, and nervousness. We try to stop and make better choices, we try to give up something. Let’s try instead to look, to feel, to taste and we will really start living! Let’s slow living!

Slow Living

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Slow life, is the lifestyle we all love. Slowing down does not mean falling behind or wasting time. Slow life means recovering, breathing, stopping to look at the road we are taking. It means to understand if it is the right one and to evaluate how to proceed to live a peaceful life.


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We must learn not to gobble up life but to taste it. Relaxing the mind and body will help to reason quickly and to carry out each activity at our best and with a beautiful smile on our face. Let’s slow down the pace, wake up earlier in the morning just to enjoy breakfast with our family. Let’ s have five more minutes to dedicate to our children! It’s priceless!

family life

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We shouldn’ t wait for Sunday to take a walk by the sea, a bicycle ride or have a nice coffee with our best friend. Slow life is a lifestyle that helps us to transform anxiety into pure joy. We should see friends more often, organize dinners and brunches and we will be able to take care of our relationships, which have been neglected for too long.

slow life

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The body will also benefit from this big decision to slow life if we give ourselves time to breathe, to admire a sunset, to have a picnic in the woods. The seasons are so generous. Just a short trip out of town and you return home with a lot of good energy! Live slowly to feel the warm sun on your skin, to watch the blooming trees of the falling leaves. Live slowly to meet someone, to give one more look, a smile, a special good morning!

How long haven’ t you enjoy breakfast in bed? How long haven’t you walk barefoot on a lawn? How long haven’ t you made yourself happy for little? You, your family? Live slowly and do more of what satisfies you most. Work is important and you have to keep it tight, but you and your life are even more important! Slow life is also, if you prefer, preparing sweets, jams, scented flavors to offer as gifts or decorations to renovate your home.

Slow Life

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We should all learn to live slowly and be truly happy! Let’s start today and take some time for ourselves to walk in a beautiful pine forest and breathe deeply. To organize an afternoon tea with our better half, or our closest friend, or dedicated to our little ones or to our family. Let’s give ourselves time to enjoy life! Let’s make slow life our lifestyle!

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