14 Tips about How Staying Home to Avoid Coronavirus Can Be More Bearable

The importance of staying at home and respecting the rules in order to fight the spread of Coronavirus


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Reducing contacts is essential to limit the spread of COVID-19, the infection triggered by the new coronavirus that emerged in China. Among the measures to combat the epidemic in the countries where the virus made victims are the creation of red areas around the outbreaks, the closure of schools throughout the territory, the postponement of public events, matches behind closed doors, the recommendation to keep at least one meter away from each other (the so-called droplet) and much more. These are all measures to avoid close contact between people, which is the basis of the transmission of COVID-19.

This is how it comes that staying home became the wisest thing to do these days in many countries where COVID-19 already made victims. But how to do it and be happy with it, despite everything that is going on around the Coronavirus issue and despite how much we still expect to evolve?

Which are the things to do in order to be happier at home these days?

Never feel like guests in your own home: you have to live it and be pampered by your home. The house must be experienced as a refuge. It is the place where we rest. It can really be us. We share the intimacy of the family. However, there are people who do not live well, who often feel suffocated in their own homes or have the perception of being guests.

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