5 Tips to Test Real vs Fake Surgical Face Masks

How to check that your mask is not just an accessory, but a mean of protection: 5 ways

With the advent of a pandemic, masks have become a valuable commodity. And they are sold not only in pharmacies. We decided to find out how to choose the one that is a means of protection and not just an accessory.

True, for this, at least one of them will have to be destroyed for the experiment. The first method (which is best used ) is to extract the middle layer from the mask and set it on fire. If the product is made following all the rules, then it should not burn, but melt.

The second test is the opposite – you need to pour water into a mask. The real must not let moisture in, unlike fake. After all, its purpose is to prevent the transmission of the virus by airborne droplets. Also, pieces of paper are not attracted to the fake mask – which can be found out by conducting the third test.

test of mask


Fourth, a light transmission test can be made to find out what material of the mask. It must be non-woven, blow-molded. And yet, wearing a real mask, it is almost impossible to extinguish the flame of a lighter – this is indicated in the fifth test.


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