The 10 Habits Of Happy Couples




Many times we ask ourselves, what is the key? Those couples who, despite the passing of the years each day, are happier, will surely be surprised at the most common habits in their relationship.


In this article, we bring you a very simple summary, based on the 10 habits that happy couples maintain and feed daily written by the Psychiatrist, consultant, and international lecturer Mark Goulston for the scientific journal Psychology Today. Pay attention:


1. Going to bed at the same time

There is no doubt that at the beginning of the relationship, just when the couple begins to live together, they cannot wait for the time to go to bed. Well, resisting changing schedules as time goes by is one of those most valuable secrets. According to Goulston: The dialogue and the rubbing of the skin while they are very close in their bed, help to strengthen communication and increase the desire of the couple. It should be noted that these are fundamental pillars of any lasting relationship.


2. Always cultivate common interests

Thinking together is a foundation for the couple, it is very beautiful to talk about future plans and together, nothing more refreshing for the couple than this. Dreaming together does not mean being totally dependent on each other, it means they have common goals to fight for, and without affecting the freedom, the other should have.


3. Walking gripped hands

Although they already have a lot of time together and it seems to go back to the time when they were dating, no, always holding hands when they walk on the street, strengthens the union of the couple. It is not worth one after the other.


4. Principle of good faith

Trust and forgiveness are fundamental ingredients in every relationship. When there is a disagreement, these are the feelings that must reign before distrust.


5. Watch the qualities of the couple, before announcing their defects

 It is very clear that we all have qualities and defects, happy couples should always focus on the positive and talk about what they do not like, how to improve what they do not like. Everything is in communication and trust in each other.


6. Give a hug always

Nothing like starting the day with a good hug is very stimulating for the couple, the skin has memory even to feel Love.


These are the renewing phrases that disturb our senses, which can be more beautiful than hearing them day by day from the person you love?


8. Always saying good night

No matter how you are, or how your day has been, what you have with your partner is more important than any small incident that has ruined your day.


9. Call during the day

 Listening to the voice of the person you love is the best motivation to continue the day. Being aware of their daily lives and understanding the emotions that each one lives in their work environment is an essential part of the routine of a happy couple.


10. Always proud of being together

It is a way of saying that they belong to each other and that they want a world and are able to show it to the world because that makes them very happy.

As you will understand, the habits of happy couples are not the habits of the other world. Instead, they try to strengthen fundamental values ​​in the couple over time, such as Love, trust, tolerance, respect, dedication, among others. It’s about falling in Love every day as if it were the first.

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