The Benefits of Decluttering

Decluttering, a new lifestyle to experience!


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What is decluttering? It is a healthier and balanced lifestyle and it concerns letting go of everything that you don’t need in your personal life. Decluttering is a method that can be applied to rearrange everything. Or, using other words, it’ s a method of learning how to find what you need, when you need, where you need. It surely is a fairly long operation, so you should do it calmly! Decluttering is a long process and there is no need to hurry. Differently, you have many chances to make the situation worse than before!

Decluttering means “eliminating the superfluous“, “making order and space” in every room of your life, in every room of your home. It means to learn to live with the essentials, nothing more. A lifestyle that is very different from the current one. Too confusing and too many useless things accumulated everywhere. By following the philosophy of decluttering instead, you could transform every single aspect or place of your life, from full and chaotic, to minimalist and well organized.


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Find the right time to start selecting, reorganizing or permanently eliminating the superfluous from your life! What should you eliminate? Well, speaking of people, slowly but surely, eliminate unnecessary people and approach only those who really love you! Those who really do good for you. Those who really help you become a better individual. Why should you do so? Simple! To Be Happier!

What will you obtain by decluttering your home? Well, you will live in a minimalist house with few objects, few ornaments, therefore less stress to manage, easier to clean and more simple and pleasant to live! A more airy and welcoming home is certainly visually more beautiful, don’t you think? If every time you enter the front door, you are immediately invaded by a sense of heartache for the mess that you continue to see despite having spent a lot of time cleaning and organizing the house, well, then I think the time has come to go straight to decluttering!

Decluttering tips for your home

If you decide to follow every rule perfectly your life will be rather rigid and tiring. And life shouldn’ t be like that, of course. Where to start then? You choose the level of difficulty. The room from which to start. But before starting, you should recover three cartons, or maxi envelopes, or pieces of paper for your three lists. One for the things to trash, one for the things to keep and the other for the things to give away.

Home Kitchen/ decluttering

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The kitchen, for example, is the room most dedicated to the stacking of unnecessary objects. You should clean up, remove old plastic containers and pans that are too worn. Your result should be reorganized shelves and pantry. Keep only a few things, the most beautiful and certainly the most useful and transform your rooms into spaces in which to move easily. Even the bathroom should not be overlooked, too full of beauty products and old unusable make-up. Organize everything by choosing elegant organizers and dispensers to keep visible, and your bathroom will be much more livable than before.  In the bedroom, eliminate the superfluous and make room for new dreams! Choose an elegant bedspread and give that perfect chic touch. Remember to choose a few but valuable furnishings, but be careful not to recreate static interiors, too cold or with that horrible “magazine effect”. Be original, always customize the rooms while preferring the essentials. Select only the most suitable furnishings and create simple but refined interiors. Minimal furniture composed only of few accessories with an exclusive design.

Decluttering consciously your life and home has many remarkable benefits. One of the favorites is freeing up the energy that is often tied up in physical or deep, inner things without you being consciously perceptive of it. With conscious awareness as your counselor, you can become more aware of your most treasured goals and values, and declutter your life and your home, to reflect them with integrity.

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