How not to Destroy the Relationship, being in Isolation with a Partner

Such a sudden change in the usual way of life can affect family relationships, especially those in which there were already difficulties.

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The need to work from home and be on self-isolation can cause a serious crisis in the relationship. Practicing psychologist Natalya Inchenko told Sputnik Radio about three simple rules that will help to avoid these difficulties.

– The first rule is to find ways to switch your attention from a partner to something else. In ordinary life, we have work, shopping, or trips to visit someone. In isolation, the usual methods are not available; you need to find new ones, the expert advised.

Here online courses, homework, virtual tours of various world museums, online performances, and books can come to the rescue.

The psychologist also advised agreeing with the partner that everyone in the apartment had their space, whether it is a kitchen, a balcony, or a loggia. In essence, the main thing is that a person can stay there in solitude.

But the third rule that Inchenko suggested was to find a common hobby for the couple.

– There should be a joint interest, where the partners will be emotionally involved and will converge. It can be anything, up to jointly watching a movie or cooking a meal, the expert-recommended.

Oksana Drapkina, the primary therapist of the Ministry of Health, also advised those in isolation. Among other things, she recommended taking vitamins, observing the daily regimen, and not adhering to strict diets.

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