Get your Happiness! This Life is not a Rehearsal!

Happiness! Sometimes it chases people, sometimes it never comes up, but the pursuit of it is something that distinguishes us since the dawn of humanity.


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Hundreds of so-called recipes exist, but in the end, we realize that there is no universal formula to reach happiness.┬áThe intent of this small sort of manual of “how to live happily” is, more than anything else, a way to bring awareness into our lives and to dissuade from a very popular temptation of today: the escape. Why? Because escape does nothing but to postpone our happiness.

What if instead of running away, we tried to learn to stay? To change our gaze, to go through difficulties instead of deliriously going from one job to another, from one partner to another, because sometimes the real transformation is staying. Easier to write, than to do, there is no doubt!

Anyway, let’ s try to understand how these concepts are linked to our happiness, especially professionally!



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It will seem curious to associate failure with happiness, yet if you do not pass from the first, it is difficult to reach and appreciate the second. Anyway, in hindsight, total failure is difficult to obtain. We make mistakes, many in some phases of our lives, but the “failure” label hardly sticks to something faithfully. Nonetheless, we are rather inclined to self-evaluate too severely some of our projects as a loss.

In reality, more simply, all things in life have a duration. That they must last forever is an unrealistic prejudice: partners, friends, and jobs change and the breakdowns are not necessarily negative.

In order to be a little happier, it is, therefore, necessary to become aware that in certain moments of life, mistakes are there to teach us something and that in that context we could not do more.

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