Get your Happiness! This Life is not a Rehearsal!


Knowing how to communicate what we do, but also our dissatisfactions. Also knowing to listen. It helps in all ways and it makes sense why!



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Diversity must be managed together with the fears that derive from it. That is the key! Its wit is about appreciating each other and acting beyond the bounds of simple resilience to grasp and honor the rich dimensions of each individual’s diversity. The principle of diversity intelligence means cooperation and respect. It is the examination of our dissimilarities in a positive, safe and sustaining context. By sustaining diversity, institutions reach to workplace happiness. When staff experiences being appreciated, welcomed and taken into account, they naturally feel happy at work.



Source: Pixabay

The motivation, especially the intrinsic one, the one we give ourselves, is a pillar in getting professional happiness.


The stress must be managed if we want to aspire to happiness. People set too many goals, but the key is to focus on a few things and have the time to do them in the best possible way.

Always remember to stimulate change, the intelligent one! Why? Because happiness is a must. This life is not a rehearsal!

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