How Unschooling is Good and Happy Learning

Unschooling, learning without going to school, is a method of educating children at home, allowing them the freedom to learn, count, read on their own in their own time. A totally different choice from homeschooling.

Reading/ unschooling

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No teachers

Unschooling is a fairly widespread phenomenon lately. Parents who have chosen to educate their children at home are using the unschooling method. Unlike homeschooling, an alternative education path run by the family and inspired by ministerial programs, unschooling is a free and self-guided learning. More relaxed and less schematic: it is children who choose what and when to learn, following passions and inclinations. A non-formal school. And the parents facilitate access to sources, provide urges, respond to doubts. There are no teachers, as parents are not teachers but they favor access to knowledge.

Many adults think that going to school is mandatory. In reality, it is the duty and right of parents to maintain and educate their children. In cases of parental incapacity, the state ensures that their duties are carried out. In a provocative way, if we send the children to school we are signing that, as mothers and fathers, on our own, we are unable to provide their education in full. The phenomenon of those deciding on a home education path is growing. In the US the children involved are over 2 million, in England more than 70 thousand, in Italy and France also thousands of parents decide lately the path of unschooling.

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