Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturer to Create Portable Ventilator for Coronavirus

Coronavirus vaccium cleaner

This will  help those infected in the field. The device was commissioned by the United Kingdom.

Dyson and The Technology Partnership have developed CoVent, a new ventilator.

The instrument is equipped with a digitally controlled Dyson engine specially adapted to meet the clinical needs of patients infected with coronavirus. The device management system is safe and familiar to medical professionals. The user interface of the device is designed taking into account all clinical requirements.

Coronavirus vaccum cleaner

Photo © Dyson

CoVent is portable and battery-powered, so it can be used in field hospitals and in transporting patients. It can be produced quickly and in large batches, which was a priority for Dyson.

The project was implemented at the request of the UK Government with the involvement of external experts from the National Health Service and the State Medicines Service of Great Britain.

CoVent ventilator attached to a hosptal bed

© Dyson

Dyson will donate 5,000 ventilators, including 1,000 Great Britain, and the rest to different countries of the world. The company received an order for 10,000 CoVent from the United Kingdom. The company is also looking for a way to make the device available internationally.

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