Our Worst Orthographic Error: Don’t Know How To Put Final Point

woman looking at sea while sitting on beach

We don’t write our worst orthographic mistakes when we write, but in our life, when we don’t know how to put an endpoint.

lesson we must learn from this prayer is our courage because it marks the starting point for growth.

The worst spelling mistake is not made when we write, but when in life, we do not know how to put an end. The teaching that embraces this phrase is precious for us because it keeps in it the base point of growing.

We should know that closing the stages, cycles, and relationships. However, it can be difficult mainly because it is complicated that we become safe when leaving behind those people, moments or places that made us feel so good, there come times when it is necessary and even inevitable doing it.

This “fight for what we want until the end” is often a way to mention our restlessness and make a detour with the desire to start the emotional determination machine that helps us make the decision that costs us so much.

Worst Orthographic Error


Our mistake: put ellipses instead of an endpoint.

The old habit of putting ellipses, again and again, prevents us from growing and making decisions that must be taken sooner or later.

If we don’t open the windows, we don’t see the brightness of life; if we do not leave the doors open, we will drown in the impossibility of “letting go” of the dust that prevents us from breathing.

Tenacity and resistance to what is finished become a metaphorical revolver that continually points us to the temple, making us unable to enjoy our emotional life.

In these cases, denial plays an essential role, as it reflects the failure of our courage and the scarcity of resources to attribute to this a negative emotional reality.

woman looking at sea while sitting on beach

We persist in affirming that it is “something temporary,” and we refuse to take our feelings and thoughts seriously, but this only makes the situation worse.

The truth is that being such a severe issue is normal, that it gives us respect to taking sides in it.

However, when we don’t do it, we end up becoming rough, unhappy, irritable, extreme and condemning people, which envelops us in a black hole full of contradictions.

But, if something does not make us happy or a relationship does not do us good, what kind of union and support do we think we will have.


You have to be realistic: if we want the good to come in, we have to let go.

“Let go”, “let go”, “say goodbye”. Few words that symbolize great actions. More than home aphorisms are clear messages that remind us that it is not worth staying in a place where we become mere observers, suffered people, or compassionate figures.

Do not go where they do not want you and do not stay where they do not love you, that is a fundamental premise that must be worked from childhood so that, when we need it, we always assert our emotional needs and listen to our heart when we should do it.

I'm Sorry I Can't Don"t Hate Me

We would give anything to have reasons to keep the doors and windows open, but we have no choice but to put an end where we used to put ellipses.

That is the maxim that we must maintain to take care of our emotional health, to give ourselves courage, protect our hearts, and get ahead of life by putting the first person when thinking about feelings.

Let us not lose the illusion and joy, nor that the neglect and suffering lead us. It is indeed complicated (and sad) to put an end to our stories, but when we do not, we do not let in new and beautiful stories. Let’s not forget it.

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