New Xherdan The Naked Cat Pictures. Extremely Wrinkly and Cute

The owner of the sphynx cat Xherdan from Switzerland glorified her hairless pet by posting her pictures on Instagram. The animal does not have a single hair on its skin, but there are plenty of folds. Although in the pictures Xherdan is continuously unhappy, the owner says that she is the cutest cat in the whole world.

Xherdan owes his appearance to his breed. The cat belongs to the Canadian sphynx – hairless cats whose skin is very smooth, but wrinkled. And if the number of folds was considered a sign of special blood, then Xherdan must rightfully be recognized as a king among his own kind

And she positions herself accordingly, forcing people to hug her continually. borrowing their clothes to at least somehow cover her nakedness. Anyway, it looks better on it.

The owner of the cat, Sandra, told Dodo that Xherdan was acting like a real child.

She talks a lot in different voices. When she’s worried, when she is hungry, when she wants a hug, when she plays … Yes, she always talks.

Besides the fact that the cat is very emotional, she is also curious. According to the owner, the pet loves to sit near the window and watch the birds, and still continually monitors what people do at home. And it happens, does it from unexpected places. (Perhaps because she is still shy of her nakedness).

But follow not only people but also animals. After all, besides her, a dog and two cats live in the house, who do not know life the way Xherdan knows it, which has much more wrinkles.

The owner does everything to make the cat happy with her life. She dresses her in warm knitted hats before going out.

And stroking every time that Xherdan wants it.


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Xherdan is not the only cat who has to deal with stereotypes regarding her character. Many considered the cat named Shoji to be evil and unsociable, but it was she who saved her master’s life while the rest were sleeping. And one cat managed to keep a person from suicide by simply leaving the bushes, and then also teaching him what real friendship is.

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