You can’t Find Face Masks? No worries!!

How-To Survive A Deadly Global Virus | Max Siedentopf
Another Option of Masks was Presented by the artist Max Siedentop to Stop the spread of the coronavirus, Under the high demand of surgical face Masks and the lack of them made him look for a substitute to these masks. He named his Project ”How-To Survive A Deadly Global Virus” that Proposed to use different objects as Masks; we would like to know your opinion about these different Masks, so we shared some of his photographic portraits.

Which of these masks do you think you can use and might be more effective? šŸ˜

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Much of the coronaviruses are not dangerousĀ and can be treated effectively. In fact, most people get a coronavirus at some time in their life, usually during their childhood. Although they are more frequent in autumn or winter, they can be acquired at any time of the year.
The coronavirus owes its name to the appearance it presents since itā€™s very similar to a crown or a halo. It is a type of virus present in both humans and animals.


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